Snow Days, Happy Pups & Comfy Outfits


The Abominable Snowman… aka Leif.

He will sit like this all day long during a blizzard.

It’s his happy place.


We got over 2 feet of snow this week, leading to school being canceled all week long, and my boys (the pups) getting lots of play time in the snow.


Barkley lugged around his rope for hours, despite it freezing and weighing 3x the norm.

Needless to say they both have slept soundly the past few days.

I love snow. Growing up where we had to drive to get to the snow, I still enjoy seeing snow fall from my living room window and driving through town after it settles. It makes me feel like I am staying a a cabin up where I used to go snowboarding.

Plus the outfit requirements are pretty great.

via screened

My ideal snow day outfit is a pair of comfy lounge pants, an oversized sweater, big fluffy socks, and a cup of coffee that never runs out. Much like this:


Pure happiness.

Hope everyone is enjoying their snow day (or lack thereof!)


Pinspirations- What on Pinterest Inspires You?

I love Pinterest. I mean, really LOVE it. (Along with the rest of the online world, I know). Here are a few things that have caught my eye this week (click on the photos for a link to the pin and source). Check out my other boards and follow me to share your pins with me too!:

Blanket Scarves

Typically I pin a ton of adorable outfits but this week I apparently was too cold to think about wearing anything other than sweats and hoodies. Needless to say my pins reflected that this week:





Yummy FOOD

I love to eat, so I will spare you all of the the recipes and pictures of delicious food I pinned while I was starving,, but here are two I can’t wait to try!



Travel/ Nature

So many places, so little time (okay, so little money!). My travel to do list grows faster than I can check places off, so the travel boards help me indulge in my wanderlust. Aren’t these photos gorgeous?

Hallstatt, Austria


Yellowstone National Park


Kayangan Lake, Coron islands, Palawan, Philippines


And one more pretty thing-



How great would it be to work in an office like that? I’m feeling inspired to write already!…

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Have a beautiful day!








Yes, Please!



If this were mine, I might never leave. ♥

A Place to Relax



This gorgeous patio came up on Pinterest today. Wouldn’t you love to just sit out there with a coffee and a good book?

Have a great day!

Unexpected Beach Run

Recently I found myself chasing after a student on the beach that was determined to keep walking until the sunset. Now ordinarily this sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon- a stroll on a beautiful Cape Cod beach in the off season without a person in sight- but seeing as the wind chill was in the single digits and I didn’t have the right clothing for the adventure, it was just a little aggravating. Once our students set their mind to something, it is often very difficult to convince them otherwise, and you just have to wait them out. It made for a good story with my co-workers, but not necessarily the type of moment that I live for.

That type of moment did come however; after we had successfully gotten the student turned around and the issue was resolved (thank goodness for the marsh that made it difficult to continue once we hit the next town). As I ran ahead to warm up the van and waited for the rest of the group, the sun began setting over the dunes of the beach, and gave me this view:


How beautiful is that? And here I am, lucky enough to get to live here. Thinking about the other types of places I have had to go for work at one point or the other, the fact that I get to spend my time surrounded by this natural beauty 24/7 is inspiring, and is really one of the reasons we chose to live on the Cape, before securing jobs or knowing a soul here.

So a 3 mile beach walk in the freezing cold isn’t so bad after all…. Just don’t tell the student I said that!