Travel Personality Quiz

There is a pretty cool quiz and contest happening right now, put on by Hayes and Jarvis. I found it through Beers & Beans which is an amazing travel & photography blog that I’ve been addicted to for quite a while. It’s a fun quiz to determine your style of travel, and as a bonus you can enter to win £2000 towards a Hayes and Jarvis vacation. And since it is travel related, of course I took the quiz!

Turns out (not surprisingly) that I am the INTREPID EXPLORER:



Bucket list keeper? Pack as many experiences and cities into a trip as possible? Sample what the locals eat? Check, check and check. That is pretty much me to a tee. One of the questions made me laugh as it pointed out that most people prefer the tropical beach vacation… I don’t think I’ve planned a vacation around a beach since living in Thailand almost a decade ago! Though looking at the results more closely, it does make me exhausted thinking about how I really do pack so much into a trip that I am often more exhausted when I return from vacation… It’s as if I need a vacation from my vacation!

We’ve come to that realization though already, and think we are going to slow down on our next one, to make sure we are enjoying everything as much as possible, focusing on quality of those moments, rather than just quantities (or amount of stamps on our passports!). But let’s be real… I’m sure we will never be able to just lie around on a beach for more than a day!

So what is your travel personality? Head on over to Beers & Beans and check it out!