Office Inspiration – Beautiful Places to Create

One of my goals for 2015 is do more writing, and to create a space where I feel inspired to do so. After finally moving our bunny out of the guest bedroom (which serves as my closet as well), I now have the space to create the perfect home office for writing, grad school, and general home organization.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas and have found so many beautiful spaces that would make me oh so happy to sit and write.





(Seeing a trend? I’m completed obsessed with Kate Spade inspired offices…)




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It’s pretty easy to tell what I am leaning towards. But while I would love to be able to sit down at any one of these desks, unfortunately one of the key factors is missing in my house – natural light. But they are a great jumping off point right?

What has inspired you lately?

A Place to Relax



This gorgeous patio came up on Pinterest today. Wouldn’t you love to just sit out there with a coffee and a good book?

Day Off

After 6 months without any real time off, this weekend has been incredible. 3 days off meant I could spend the first day wasting it away staying in bed and watching 5 (yes 5) episodes of Downton Abbey. Love that show, full of wit!


After allowing myself to do nothing all day I finally got to work and started decluttering and putting stuff away… including the Christmas tree at long last! At least this year I took it down before March 1st… unlike last year! It’s amazing how easy it is to ignore a 9ft tall tree right as you walk in the door!


I put up a simple mantle after taking down the rest of the Christmas stuff. Just something to bridge the gap until spring arrives!


A little rustic, a little travel inspired. What do you think?