Blogging Because It Feels Right: Who I Am & Why I Am Here

Morning Coffee

I decided to jump on board the Blogging101 train, because I am realistic about where I am at. I have visions of grand blog posts dancing in my head (much like sugar plums, though the reference is about a month late!) and would love to find my niche where I can gain a following and have a place for creative expression. But realistically I am in need of a push to get started, and to do so in the right direction. So here we go!


My name is Mary and I am here (blogging) because I draw so much inspiration in all aspects of my life from other blogs and things I find online, and my goal is be a source for inspiration as well as I find my way as a writer and as an individual.

I have spent the past few years working constantly and not always taking the time to appreciate and find joy in the everyday. I started exploring freelance writing, and have since fell down the rabbit hole into travel writing as well as content creation and ghost writing. Writing is enjoyable for me, and I want to experience every aspect I can. I feel that a blog is the next step in the right direction.

A Bit About Me

I am passionate about travel, living a fun and meaningful life, and love beautiful and inspiring things. I am sucker for pretty decorative things that I don’t need but feel they will make my home and workspace more enjoyable. I am a teacher in special education, and am fascinated with the inspiring stories I see unfold within my students. I have two dogs that I take far too many pictures of (one of which is is at this very moment trying to climb onto my lab as I type).


Gather Moments is my attempt to collect and share inspiring stories and moments from everyday life and travel that help create a beautiful life. As a lifestyle blog, I am hoping to fill it with content relating to travel, home decor/life, food, and sharing found inspiration.

Join me on my journey to discover life’s greatest treasures and adventures, found in the simple and beautiful, such as some stylish office inspiration, favorite recipes, and travel topics.

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